About me

I am a designer, illustrator and artist currently living in Helsinki, Finland.

I have worked commercially in the design sector for over a decade and have experience in production and art direction. I have produced marketing assets for print, online, social media, digital outdoor screens and for television. I have also art directed marketing campaigns, brand refereshes and led the design for a number of websites.

My commercial clients include Fox Networks Group, National Geographic, Microsoft, WWF, Samsung Mobile, Audi, Science Museum, Tate Modern, National Library of Scotland and big brands in Finland such as Finnair, Opel, Paulig, Valio, DNA, Iittala, Hartwall and Fonecta.

One of my big passions is drawing in any form. I like to draw cartoons, doodles, sketching from life, abstract drawing and digital drawing.

I am also a member of an artist grop in Helsinki called Helsinki International Artists’ Association and I have exhibited a number of fine artworks with them.

My software skills include Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, After Effects, Premiere, Adobe Animate/Flash, Cinema 4d and Element 3d.