Doodle drawings

These multi-layered and complex drawings are part of an ongoing series exploring recurring themes and characters in absurd situations and frantic environments. The style is cartoony yet complex and appeals to adults and children alike.


These drawings are influenced by the writings of J.G. Ballard and Philip K. Dick. My personal experiences of travel and work are present in the drawings as they become reflections upon working, living and travelling in busy environments, the feeling of being lost and part of something at the same time, and the absurdity of being part of something much larger and beyond anyone’s control.

The drawings have a cartoon appearance and an illustrative quality, however they are presented more as artworks open for interpretation. They certainly have potential to incorporate specific elements and focus on specific themes.


Crazy diner

More Jumble City

Holy Place

Mega Toast

Jumble City

These drawings were an editor’s pick on the official WordPress blog and an article was written on Doodle Addicts about them which you can read here.