The Simpsons

How can you market a show without mentioning anything about the show? This was made for Fox.


This was an interesting brief when I was working at Fox. Initially the creative team focused on pitching a large marketing campaign for the return of The Simpsons to the Fox channel in Finland. The rights to the series in Finland had for years been owned by another channel, so the feeling was that they were coming ‘home’.

Unfortunately, all the ideas we pitched were turned down and in the end we were told we couldn’t use the show logo, the characters, the music and pretty much anything. So, out of sheer frustration we wondered how can we market a show without mentioning anything about the show? I had this idea of using little block figures and I just rolled with that.

I produced the concept and final implementation in a few days. The funny thing is they didn’t get used for another two years! I would have liked to have had time to do the whole family and more characters, but alas this is what we have for the moment!

The first part of the video is a quick edit with different copy in, then that is followed by the original idents. The language has been changed from Finnish to English for this video.

Software: After Effects, Illustrator.

Special thanks to Fox Nordics Creative Director Ricardo Galiot.

Some images below from the initial campaign.

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