Mutti video campaign

In collaboration with Ink Tank Media I created a series of five videos for the tomato specialists Mutti.


For the first ‘Seize The Moment’ video I did all the storyboarding, art direction, illustration, animation and final editing. For the subsequent videos I worked in collaboration with Ink Tank Media’s Volha Furs to develop the characters whilst I illustrated the backgrounds and miscellaneous elements; I then made the final storyboards, animation and editing.

The videos were adapted to square and portrait formats for sharing on social media. I worked in collaboration with SeenThis to create online video streaming display ads in various sizes for four Nordic countries.

Hopefully I can share the other videos soon!

‘Chris was a pleasure to work with. Not only is he very talented at both illustration and animation but also flexible and helpful when we’ve dealt with external partners and technical issues. I’m very proud of the end result and would be delighted to work with Chris again.’ – Anna Kurkijärvi-Willans, Copywriter, Ink Tank Media

Music provided by Ink Tank Media.
Video footage provided by Mutti.

Special thanks to:
Emma Vuorenmaa – Brand Manager Nordic Countries, Mutti
Anna-Kurkijärvi-Willans – Copywriter, Ink Tank Media
Joel Willans – Creative Director, Ink Tank Media
Volha Furs – Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Ink Tank Media
Nathalie Svensson – Key Account Manager, SeenThis
Jonas Nilsson – Technical Producer, SeenThis