The Simpsons

How can you market a show without mentioning anything about the show?


The Fox ‘donut’ logo is illustrated by myself with reference to the show. I also designed the layout for outdoor print and digital display ads, worked with a fellow designer to create the bus shelter graphics and designed the concept for the 3D logo on the bus shelter.

I was part of a team that pitched a large marketing campaign for the return of The Simpsons to the Fox channel in Finland. The rights to The Simpsons in Finland had for years been owned by another channel, so the feeling was that they were coming ‘home’.

The ideas were not approved by 21st Century Fox on time for the campaign, so I tried to come up with some ideas in which we could promote the show without mentioning the show name, using any footage, logos or graphics related to the show (that way we didn’t need to go through a lengthy approval process).

I had this idea of using little block figures and the creative director liked the idea, so I produced the concept and final implementation in a few days.