Information Security Puzzle

Vector illustration work for information security company Omni-U in The Netherlands.


I created a vector illustration to be used in the making of a 70x50cm jigsaw puzzle. This was sent to Omni-U clients as a Christmas gift (I also made a bonus Christmas card!). Each of the 42 character illustrations represents something in information security. All character illustrations were made to work individually for use in marketing and branding. These illustrations have proved so popular with Omni-U clients and the employees of the company that I provide new illustrations on a regular basis. More beanies, devils, ninjas and robots! Yey!

View this gallery to see what all the different character illustrations represent:

The colour palette is based on the Omni-U branding colours. View this gallery to see some close-up scenes:

Here are some unused ideas, some gems, some stinkers!

Big thanks to Michiel Benda the founder of Omni-U for trusting me with this project. It was a pleasure to work on!

‘… don’t be shy in adding devils, robots, burglars and ninja’s.’

– Michiel Benda, founder of Omni-U

Here are some more illustrations that I have been providing on a regular basis.